Beer and Bacon 40th

The two things my brother loves the most, beer and bacon.  Well he also love babes, but I was not going there.

So since he is happily a proud member of the bachelor for life club, I decided to throw his 40th birthday party. 

Most of the food had bacon in it, but we did serve more than just beer.  However thanks to my husband we did have a crazy beer selection.

Bacon Menu: BLT Dip ( found a few recipes onPinterest), bacon wrapped shrimp, Potato Skins (with bacon), mini grilled cheeses with bacon, and pasta with a fresh tomato and bacon sauce. 

There was plenty of other items for those guests who did not want to raise their cholesterol.  I figured the men would be in favor of the bacon items and the ladies would choose the “healthier treats”.  I was correct. 

For the table decor I filled these old beer mugs with yellow and white “M&MS” and I of course realized after the party that I could have made Guinness decor the same way.  Oh well, next time right!!!!!

I was going to do all bacon flowers, but it was so horrible looking.  So I made the rosettes and just stuck them between the white roses.  I used pre made bacon.  Everyone loved it…there is probably still bacon grease in my skin. 

I also had cookies made that looked like bacon and some that look like beer mugs.

He was surprised and over all it was an easy event for us!


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