Busy Mom Valentines

I have a bad habit of taking on projects for class parties/holidays/kids events that I have no business doing.  I think I have more time and work space than I do.  Plus after 7:30 in the evening I am done!

This year I went hard core simple, based on an idea that came to me in the shower!

We are encouraged not to give candy or any food in our class treat bags…high five there.

This holiday the teachers even asked that we don’t put each name on the bag, so they just can put things in the cubbies with ease.  Brilliant.

I present: “You Left A Mark On My Heart”.  Total cost per child is under $3.

I was able to order from Amazon.Com bulk washable markers.  I chose red and purple.

Got little treat bags at Target in their under $3 section.  One bag of 8 bags was $2. They had a few different types.

I hunted online for a Valentine Coloring page that I could put into PrintShop so I could add a message.  I made them post card size so when cut they fit in the bag. I included the message “You Left A Mark On My Heart Happy Valentine’s Day Love,” with room for my daughter to write her name.

Stuff them in….fold the bag and you are done!

My daughter was a little upset that she did not get to create more. So we cut some hearts and stuck them on the bags.

We made some extra for her cousins and the hearts made great gift tags! So if you need to write the name of each student in the class that is an option.

This took 45 minutes and that includes cutting hearts.  Perfect for working parents or people who just are out of time, creativity, energy, enthusiasm…..so everyone with children under the age of 30.

I will let you know if some Mom shows up with an interactive Cupid.

 Happy Valentine’s Day Burbia….


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