Kids Flower Bouquet

  Taking a trip to see my aunt today and my little wanted to bring her flowers.  Traveling two hours in the car I knew fresh flowers would be a challenge, so I thought making something that will last would be even better. 

This was so so easy, and allowed my daughter to totally feel like she was really part of the project, which is key in her staying engaged.


Green Pipe Cleaners, Colorful paper, Yellow Craft Pom Poms, Kids Scissors, Tape, and Craft Glue.

Bonus, would be a colorful metal bucket, for display. 

Step 1 : Had my daughter cut a “roundish” shape from the colorful paper.

Step 2: I cut the pipe clear in half, and then used a hole punch to connect the pipe cleaner to the flower and secured it with tape. 

(While this is happening the little hands are busy cutting more buds!)

Step 3: Dip the yellow Pom Pom in glue, and attach to the center of the flower. 

Boom! Or shall I say Bloom!!!!!! 😂

We placed them in a cute little metal bucket, however they would look adorable wrapped in tissue and tied with a ribbon too! 

Great little something to give to special people for Mother’s Day or Teacher Appreciation Day coming up in early May.