Easter Galm! 

  I hate plastic eggs.  I find them to be so predictable/typical.  That being said they are way easier to craft with than standard hard boiled eggs or eggs that have been drained.

So I took some gold plastic eggs and some fancy gold glitter that I was able to get at Michaels, in cute little apothecary jars.

I used craft glue and a paper plate and went to town! 

I did 6 eggs.  I had three different types of glitter and used one egg for each and with the 3 extra eggs I used a mix of the three 

I had them dry over night in cupcake wrappers and then in the morning I displayed them. 



Buckeye Cupcakes (with a twist)

This is basically a box cake mix…with a little twist to it.  I saw something similar in a bundt cake and decided to alter it a bit and make cupcakes. I find cupcakes so much easier to deal with; easy to give away, easy to serve, easy to sneak behind your children’s back. 

Here is what you need:

Devils Food Cake Mix: make the recipe according to the box, however replace the water with a cup of black coffee that is room temp.

After you add the eggs and oil,add a cup of Sour Cream.

Then add half a bag of nestle chocolate chips

Filling: 1 cup of peanut butter, 1/2 cup of powdered sugar, and half a stick of cream cheese.  Mix those ingredients with a mixer and set aside. 

Line a cupcake pan with wrappers and spray the pan (makes like easier)

Fill cupcake cups about 1/3 of the way and then add the peanut butter filling. Then add additional cupcake batter to the top.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes (test with a tooth pick).

Let them cool and then pop them out.

I enhanced them by melting peanut butter and chocolate chips and using a squirt bottle to drizzle on top.

The cake is super moist and the filling is very smooth.  The cake is not overly sweet so it won’t over power the peanut butter filling.  The coffee is not noticeable, however everyone that tried them knew there was something unique about the taste, but could not place it.

Very easy to make! A total fan favorite!  Would have been easier if I took out my hand mixer for the filling, so I did not need to clean the mixer bowl to make the cake.  However if that is my only struggle I can deal! 

I froze a few so I could take them out next time a had a crowd.

Easy Shenanigans

It is no secret that I love Saint Patrick’s Day.  I find it fun to make it something fun for the kids to look forward to.  I always find that SPD is the first sign of Spring , even when it snows! 

So for a full week before SPD, a cute little Leprachaun sneaks into our home and hides a rainbow! 

No shenanigans here….no time for green foot prints on my toilet at 6:30 am.  Our fella hides one thing! 

When they find it there is a gold coin waiting for each child.  They know they can only hunt together, so it encourages teamwork.

On SPD, they find the rainbow and then there is a an actual “pot of gold”waiting for them, with some cute goodies.  

I never spend more than $10 on the pot of gold treats and I make sure they are things they can all enjoy.  ( DVD’s, Markers, etc)

My gang loves it! 

This year I am using a mason jar with a rainbow of M&M’s.  It looks cute around the house and it will be fun for them to break into on SPD.

Easy fun. ☘

Have Fun! 

DIY Hostess Gift 

Had a meeting last night.  Everyone was bringing food that I knew would not get touched, so I went with a quick floral arrangement. 

While I am not a huge Real Housewives fan,  I never forgot what The Countess said about if you bring flowers bring them  in a vase. Point being the hostess won’t have stop what she is doing to tend to the flowers. 

My friend the hostess loves her Irish heritage (who are we kidding so do I). So I went with a fun green theme. 

Simple Green Roses (I used 6).

Mason Jar Vase.

Green Wide Jute Ribbon. (secured with double sided tape) 

Shamrock Wire Garland.