Easy Shenanigans

It is no secret that I love Saint Patrick’s Day.  I find it fun to make it something fun for the kids to look forward to.  I always find that SPD is the first sign of Spring , even when it snows! 

So for a full week before SPD, a cute little Leprachaun sneaks into our home and hides a rainbow! 

No shenanigans here….no time for green foot prints on my toilet at 6:30 am.  Our fella hides one thing! 

When they find it there is a gold coin waiting for each child.  They know they can only hunt together, so it encourages teamwork.

On SPD, they find the rainbow and then there is a an actual “pot of gold”waiting for them, with some cute goodies.  

I never spend more than $10 on the pot of gold treats and I make sure they are things they can all enjoy.  ( DVD’s, Markers, etc)

My gang loves it! 

This year I am using a mason jar with a rainbow of M&M’s.  It looks cute around the house and it will be fun for them to break into on SPD.

Easy fun. ☘

Have Fun! 


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