St. Patrick’s Day: An Obsession

We are Irish.  This is my month to shine.  Baking has nothing to do with Saint Patrick…but I bake my way through the high holy day every year.

Today we started with Shamrock Rice Cereal Treats.  Easy, little mess, and my little leprechauns were able to help me!  Wins for everyone! 

I followed the directions on the box of cereal, only change was I made it easier.  I took the butter and the marshmallow combo and microwaved it in a glass bowl for 2 minutes.  Less mess.

Once the mixture came out of the microwave we added the sprinkles.  We used an entire small bottle of a Kelly Green, Lime Green, and White combo of Non Pereils.  Then added the 6 cups of rice cereal.  The Non Pereils give a nice tint to the treats, without the harshness of food coloring.

I spread them in a greased jelly roll pan, and let them settle for 15 minutes before I used the shamrock cookie cutter to make the treats. 

Done!!!! Holiday fun round 1 complete.  



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